Magical Potato Waffles

Penn Jillette and The Magic of the Potato

More and more we’re hearing that starch is the answer to weight loss and improved health. I just finished Penn Jillette’s hilarious and heartfelt account of how he lost over 100 pounds in Presto! How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales. Under the direction of his diet guru, former NASA scientist Ray Cronise (“CrayRay” to Jillette’s readers), Jillette loses nearly 20 pounds in 14 days eating only potatoes. Continuing to follow CrayRay’s advice by gradually adding in vegetables and fruit to the diet and narrowing his eating window to a 5 hour period of the day, 84 days later, Jillette weighed a staggering 74.5 pounds lighter than when he started. Now off his medications—and over 100 pounds lighter than his historical maximum—a happier and healthier Jillette still eats his baked potato with nothing on it (except maybe a little Tabasco sauce).

I love potatoes, too, and, happily, have discovered a terrific substitute for greasy French fries or hash browns—crispy potatoes without the fat!

Potato Waffles

Potatoes Ready Wash 4 small to medium red potatoes.

Potatoes Pouch

Wrap potatoes in paper towel. Place inside a microwave “potato baking pouch”. Microwave on High for 4 minutes.


Meanwhile: plug in your waffle iron or sandwich press to pre-heat.


After microwaving the potatoes, place in pre-heated waffle iron (2-4 potatoes) or sandwich press (1-2 potatoes) and mash gently as you press the top of the press down. Set your kitchen timer for 8 minutes.


When the timer dings, remove the potato waffles from the waffle iron or sandwich press.


Enjoy your potato waffles with mustard or ketchup.

They’re magical!