Sombras del Pasado Links to Music/Art

Dear Friends,

Sombras del Pasado book cover

In my fourth novel, Sombras del Pasado (Shadows of the Past), in a scene at the house in Alamo Heights, Max admires the Dalhart Windberg print on canvas of a painting that is hanging on the wall.

In case you didn’t try the link or were unable to take the active link from your Kindle or iPhone, here is a link to the painting entitled Tranquility of Bibbiena.

Later in the novel, Lillie dances a solo to what is perhaps my favorite piece of music, Romance from The Gadfly Suite by Dmitri Shostakovich. Here’s a particularly nice recording I found on YouTube. You may also enjoy the graphics of the cosmos, which I feel are very apropos to the story:

— Rebecca