Review of America's Junior Miss

America’s Junior Miss book cover

Dear Readers,

I just have to share a five star review that appears on my publisher’s website. For obvious reasons, Nepo Press is not allowed

to post this review to Amazon.

— Rebecca

Review of America’s Junior Miss, April 2013

It’s not my genre, but it still made me cry. I tend to read detective mysteries and police procedurals. What is its genre? Would someone please tell me?

I think it is a “Romance”, but that might mislead people. “Women’s Fiction” sounds so vague and I think men and teenagers of either sex would enjoy it also. It contains humor but “Humor” or “Romantic Comedy” wouldn’t quite capture it either.

It speaks to the human condition while being thoroughly entertaining. It involves the relationship between a woman and her son and the lengths to which her son will go to try to help his mother.

Since a teenager is involved, does that make this “Young Adult”. I don’t think that category quite catches it (not enough violence and sex and vampires).

Yes, there is some sex in it, but it’s not R rated. If I were a parent, I would happily let teens and pre-teens read it. What they don’t understand wouldn’t hurt them and what they do understand might make them THINK, which, probably, isn’t a bad thing for children to do.

Five stars!

— Phil N. LeBlanc